The age of intuition
has expired

From now on, with the help of InfoTeCo, you can make
data-driven decisions instead of relying on intuition.

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InfoTeco - Why do this?

Why do this?

More and more decisions need to be made in less and less time and this puts a lot of pressure on corporate decision-makers. The need to move forward in a conscious, data-driven way is there for many people, but it is easier to say this than to start extracting and interpreting raw data.

Today, however, the question is not whether companies will introduce a comprehensive data strategy, but when. The treatment of data is no longer a competitive advantage, but the only condition for survival.

The good news is that most companies already have plenty of information and tools that can produce spectacular results after setting up the right business intelligence systems. InfoTeCo can provide you help in this field.

What do we do?

It's easy to get lost in the sea of technologies and it is important to choose solutions that fit your business strategy.
That is why our first and most important question is going to be: what do you need?

Do you want to understand your
clients’ behavior better?

Would you like to see the patterns
that you can make predictions from?

Perhaps you want real-time reports and
based on these you can make decisions?

During consultations, instead of standard solutions we are going to look for relevant technological
solutions that will pay off and bring you closer to your business goals.

What technologies do we work with?

We design and build data warehouses and business intelligence systems
with the latest technologies:

Big Data


Microsoft Azure


artificial intelligence (AI)

machine learning



In addition, we are building a multi-player Big Data hub that is going to provide us much greater volume
and depth of data segments that make it easier for companies to understand and predict the behavior of their customers.